Gavino Gabriel's works are extensive and diverse, they reflect the amazing variety of his interests as a man, an intellectual and an artist: they include musical works, popular music collections, scientific papers, newspaper and magazine articles, encyclopedia entries, textbooks, documentaries and records. 
Music always had a privileged place in Gabriel's universe, he devoted the same amount of energy to musical composition and to the enhancement of traditional Sardinian music by publishing important collection of transcriptions, documentaries and records. At the same time, he dealt with literature, politics, new technologies, ethnology and teaching methods. 
In this section of the website you can find Gavino Gabriel's main works, divided into four categories - musical works, written works, sound documents and films - as well as a section dedicated to the works on Gabriel, to his works and his many activities. This section only includes the published works; many other unpublished works - among them musical compositions, written works, pictures, letters and private diaries - are stored in the Archive of the Accademia Popolare Gallurese Gavino Gabriel in Tempio Pausania.