The Gabriel Archive (Archivio dell'Accademia Popolare Gallurese Gavino Gabriel) is kept at the Accademia popolare gallurese Gavino Gabriel in Tempio Pausania. The original core of the collection consists of Gabriel's personal library, which after his death was taken over by Giuseppe Sotgiu, current president and founding member of the Accademia. Apart from taking care of the original archive, Mr Sotgiu enriched it with other materials coming from private collections over the last thirty years.
The archive is composed of a non-homogeneous set of original documents, letters, manuscripts, diaries, notes, printed texts and books, scores and musical sketches and drafts.  
In addition to the paper documents, the archive includes many printed pictures and a large collection of sound documents, including several collections of Sardinian oral traditional music as well as the recordings of popular songs performed by Gabriel himself. 
Currently, the archive is undergoing reorganization, classification and digitization of all its documents. The Accademia also organizes a series of cultural activities to enhance Gavino Gabriel's work.